Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) has had an substantial positive impact on the lives of many poor in Bangladesh and in other parts of the world for nearly 40 years. BRAC is currently the world’s largest non-governmental development organization (NGO). In fact, as of 2009, it employees more than 119,000 employees who help it work toward its four priorities which include:

  1. Focus on Women – Primarily poor women who are the worst affected by poverty.
  2. Organising the Poor – Including enhancing access to services such as microfinance and exchange information.
  3. Unleashing Human Potential – BRAC acts as a catalyst presenting a multitude of opportunities – both economic and social – that allow poor families to transform their own lives and futures.
  4. Comprehensive Approach – BRAC attempts to attack poverty by providing support services in areas which include human rights, legal aid, education, health care, economic empowerment, along with finance and enterprise empowerment among others.
iMicroInvest is particularly interested in BRAC’s efforts to reduce poverty through microfinance and its support services. We look forward to seeing how the exchange of information between developed and developing financial markets on iMicroInvest’s platform can enhance BRAC’s already substantial impact as iMicroInvest moves forward.

    Below is a video describing BRAC along with information to connect with them

Connect with BRAC

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